Music-Video-on-14-Screens Scary-Prank--The-Head
Cat-vs-Lemon Cat-Learns-to-Open-Doors
Puppy-and-parrot-battle-over-a-yogurt-cup Toucan-Plays-With-Squeaky-Toy
Cat-with-laser-pointer-on-head Mutant-Giant-Spider-Dog

Helping you beat belly fat
Rating: 5
Your belly fat is constantly doing violent things that can cause cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Start fighting back against Active Fat.

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Japanese 3D Flip Books
Spotted these Japanese animated flipbooks at a convention (Hyper Japan, London). They let me film some in action.

Fat Animals
Very Funny animation video!

Halloween 2014 Pranks
Happy Halloween!!! Enjoy these evil pranks!

Halloween makeup
Happy Halloween!!!


Woman Parking Revenge
While in the process of reversing into a spot, another car dives in. The driver of the red car makes do with the space remaining and gets her revenge while in the process!

Sara X Does Mozart
Ehm... original version...

Star Wars Blooper Reel
There is no sound on the first few clips - this isnt an error - original sound wasnt present. Star Wars Blooper Reel with previously un-seen outtakes.

Snickers Mr Bean TV advert
Check out the new Snickers TV ad where Mr Bean demonstrates that you are not Kung Fu when you are hungry.


UCD Iron Stomach 2014
Iron Stomach Rules: Eat and drink what you are given. If you vomit you are out. Last one to throw up wins the iron stomach. In which a catfood sandwich gets the better of a student.

Squirrel Vs Water Balloon
Curiosity Wet the Squirrel!

Everyone is Lonely
So, just be nice.

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