Crow-Solves-An-8Step-Puzzle Goats-Have-Fun-
Fishing-in-Her-Cleavage Sexy-Twerk-Choreography
Real-or-Magic-with-Harrison-Ford Devil-Baby-Prank
Sexy-Pool-Trick-Shots-in-Germany Cat-Blocks-Other-Cats

Cat Vs Toaster
Rating: 5
This cat is intrigued by toaster...

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Evolution Door
Latest step of development of a flip panel door, very cool!

Bus Stop Sniper With A Laser Sight Prank
This prank is both crazy and cruel! People waiting for a bus are convinced someone sitting with them is murdered by an unseen sniper.

The Tube of Mystery
neat trick where a bottle of pulled out of an empty tube. Watch to find out how they did it!

Awesome Optical illusion Trick!
Very easy illusion to do at home trying it yourself.

Lights Out
A short horror film made by David Sandberg and Lotta Losten.

Superman With a GoPro
Superman flies around the city with a GoPro attached. Awesome view!

Wheel of Fortune, No Help, No Problem
Guy guesses the puzzle with nearly no help at all! I have a couple (not a lot, maybe 3-4) Wheel highlights I\'ve been super lazy on. Maybe this will spark me to actually do them...

Catching snacks with breasts...
These girls are very hot...

Unfunny Joke from a Beautiful Woman
The very beautiful Lauren Cohen tells a terrible joke, she puts a lot of effort into it and she's wearing panties. Enjoy it for what it is.

Cat dont get food...
It is a cat that is hungry. Fortunately cats are pretty dumb.

Website model involuntarily pumps up the jam
I told her i had take her dancing...


Woman Wakes Up Her Boyfriend With The Husky
This woman had the genius idea of using a laser pointer and her dog to get her sleepy boyfriend to wake up.

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