Woman-Wakes-Up-Her-Boyfriend-With-The-Husky Crow-Solves-An-8Step-Puzzle
Goats-Have-Fun- Cat-Blocks-Other-Cats
(Not-So)-Silent-Night How-Cats-Help-Wrap-Presents!
A-Christmas-Greeting-from-Your-Pets Cat-Fails-Jump-From-SnowCovered-Car

INSANE - Funny Looking Animals (dogs)
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Cat with laser pointer on head
We all know how much cats love chasing laser pointer dots, so one guy thought he had let the cat amuse itself by attaching the laser pointer to the cat\'s head.

Sneaky Cat Steals Fish
Lock Your Freezer next time!

Baby Seal Climbs on Surfboard
A young seal was eager to hang out with a couple of surfers on a UK beach, joining them as riding the waves for more than an hour.


Bear Saves A Crow From Drowning!
A poor crow found itself in a tricky spot, floundering in the pool of a bear enclosure at the zoo. Miraculously, the gentle giant only wanted to help.


Dogs Interrupt Soccer Match
Two puppies interrupted a Turkish soccer match between Galatasaray and Aalen.

Excuse me...
Two Cats Meet for the First Time...

Super Funny Animals Compilation
Simply one of the best...

Cat Saved Children
Cat defends children during a vicious dog attack.

Bird Catching Fish with Bread
Intelligent Heron catching fish using bread as bait.

Cat dont get food...
It is a cat that is hungry. Fortunately cats are pretty dumb.


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