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Scooter-Crash-Super-Mario-Style Funny-U.S.P.S.-Mail-Truck-Accident
The-Ultimate-Magic-Trick Man-Saves-Kid-Falling-Off-Escalator
Crazy-head-on-car-accident Man-gets-hit-by-truck-tyre

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Truck Tire Blows Up In Shop
A tire explodes and flips a man in the air!!


How to pull out a car from a frozen lake
How the car got there in the first place is a better question... Nothing but time and patience is all it takes.

Two Planes Collide Caught On Skydivers
Exclusive images show skydivers terrifying collision and chaotic plunge!

Never give up, never surrender
During the craziest fourcross race ever at JBC 4X Revelations Michal Marosi did something unbelievable! Crashed hard on a pro section, got back on his bike and passed rest of the riders on wallride!

Car spontaneously combusts in traffic!
Car Explodes On The Street While People Are Still Inside!

Twerking Gone Wrong
OMG!! It cannot be true...

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2012
One of the best compilation ever seen!

Ship Launching Fail
What disaster...

Police Motorcyclist Forgets About Speed Bump
At Mexico City, Distrito Federal, a Police motorcyclist of the presidential guard forgets about speed bump and crashed his motorcycle.

Lamborghini Crashes
Lamborghini Owner tries showing off and crashes.

Man (almost) run over by train!
At the metro in Madrid (spain) a man falls into railways while the train is arriving. A hero (which happened to be a policeman) saved his life.

Motorbike Crash At Docks
It looked like a good idea to take the brand-new Yamaha FJR1300 to the pier for a picture shoot. However you can easily see that things rapidly go wrong...

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